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Samurai, a Zen state of mind, as it’s often expressed, represents a peaceful yet an exciting way of living life in the present. Inspired from the same philosophy, Samurai Fitness stands for all things positive and stimulating that help steer a healthy lifestyle.

Whether it is about bringing you closer to your dream shape or helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle, Samurai Fitness is determined to give wings to your fitness goals. It is a performance inspired space that focuses on designing fun, innovative exercises and activities that cater to the needs and goals of each individual. Since the experience is so personalized, each workout session, which is a mix of conventional exercises and creative activities, feels like a big party.

Come as you are, aim to be what you want, the vibe is hella contagious!


Samurai Fitness is founded by the fiery and flamboyant – Mrs. Renu Sidhu - who defies all age stereotypes when it comes to fitness. Looking at all the awards and accolades she has bagged in various fitness competitions and her passion for great health and good shape, it's easy to forget that she is almost 50 years old. Samurai Fitness is an extension of her spirit.

Born in a lush green village of Punjab and having been brought up on an unadulterated diet; living a healthy life was more of a routine than a dream for Mrs. Renu. Unlike most people she was lucky to have found her passion very early in her life. She knew that she was born to play, stay fit and inspire people around. In school, she championed athletics and also captained the Basketball team. And after completing her MSc in Mathematics, she got married to an IPS Officer (now retired) and moved to Gujarat. In 2014, her passion for fitness saw her founding Samurai Fitness Studio as she continued to defy age with mind and body. She has been a winner of number of state & national level fitness and beauty related events including the prestigious 'Battle of the Fittest Woman of Gujarat' and 'Mrs. Galaxy Queen Classic'. To sum up - she is a doting daughter, a compassionate partner, a round the clock mother of 3 children, sports and fitness enthusiast, an entrepreneur, a spirited competitor and above all - a woman on mission to inspire others!


While your mind, body and soul are under construction, we have multiple ways to keep an eye on your goals, like continuous health assessment through fitness tests and body composition analysis, programmes for weight gain, weight loss, body training, body building, strength building, kick boxing and core strengthening.

Our facility is equipped with the best machines, a great audio visual system to maintain the beat, a lounge to chill, lockers to keep your valuables safe (except for your calories which you're definitely losing) and a steam room to relax after a hectic workout.


I can't believe I didn't know of Samurai Fitness for the first two years of my fitness struggle. Hopped so many gyms that I must have lost an unhealthy amount of weight doing just that. Now that I'm here, I don't think I'm moving anywhere else! Keep it up, friendly neighborhood Samurais!

Deepak Kumar / Business Analyst

Being an introvert, I never really enjoyed going to gyms. Did give a few a shot, but the ultra macho environments always put me off. I would return home and gain everything I had lost in the time it takes to finish a tub of ice cream. But this place is different! The trainers are so friendly that I feel like I'm stepping out of home only to go to a second home.

Shivam Rai / Accountant

I have been working out for the last ten years and have been to pretty much every known gym in the city. Of course, every gym has its infrastructure sorted. But what they lack is attitude. And these guys are the only people in the entire industry who I've witnessed don such a contagious attitude that you can't help but let it rub off on you. And how!

Dheeraj / Business



Fourth Floor, Primate Complex
Bodakdev, Ahmedabad

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